You love your precious pooch, but sometimes he or she can make a mess in your house and pee on your carpet or furniture. Even the best trianed pet can have an accident if you leave them alone for too long. I usually leave a pee pad on the floor in the bathroom when we are away, but sometimes my dog marks his territory on the corner of the bed leaving a stinky mess on the carpet.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been walking around in stocking feet, and then suddenly my foot is wet from stepping on a spot where the dog peed on the carpet. Then there were the countless times that I never did step in the wet spot, and the accident never was cleaned up. It doesn’t take long for your carpet to smell really bad. I had to have our carpets professionally cleaned at least twice a year because of the dogs.

This got really expensive, until I found this product where I could clean these stains myself. I was amazed and grossed out when I used the black light to see everywhere the dog had peed. I needed 3 bottles of Urine Gone the first time just to get rid of all the areas the dog peed. This is definitely worth trying.

Urine Gone™ effectively removes new or old stains and odors from carpets, mattresses, furniture — just about any washable surface or fabric! All you do is darken the room and use the included “stain detector” black light to show the urine messes. Just spray Urine Gone™ on and let it dry. Stains and odors disappear and keep pets from re-marking their territory.

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