Most pet owners will agree that dogs are the most loyal pets and they have the capability to bring family loads of joy and happiness. To keep that healthy relationship, you must learn the importance of teaching your dog essential tricks. These tricks include, teaching your dog to avoid barking, training it to walk in a leach, coaching them to litter properly, instructing them to refrain from running away, and teaching them to avoid jumping on the bed.

Teaching a Dog to Avoid Barking
You may also start to feel frustrated, irritated and even annoyed if you constantly hear your dog barking. Also, neighbors will most likely start to complain about your dog if you do not take any action to control the barking. You can manage the barking by following a few steps. Firstly, you must recognize the reason behind the barking. Dogs engage themselves in barking when they are bored, frustrated, annoyed, or when they need attention. You can prevent your dog from getting negative feelings by training and exercising your dog. It’s essential that you understand that dogs are very social and need to get out of the house often. Take your dog out for regular walks and also try and take them to a nearby park so that they can socialize with other dogs.

Training your Dog to Walk in a Leach
It is highly essential that you use a leach when walking your dog for the safety of the dog and other pedestrians. Also, you can easily handle and control your dog when it is on a leach. Dog leach training can be achieved in the following ways; walk in front of the dog to act as a leader, use a short leach in order to maintain control, walk your dog for a good amount of time so that he eventually gets the hang of the leach, be sure to provide treats to your dog during and after the walk, and reward it after you reach home.

Coaching your Dog to Litter Properly
As littering around the house can be harmful for both the pet and the family, it is necessary for you to coach your dog to litter in the box. Littering outside the box can be highly unhygienic and is the cause for many illnesses and diseases. If you put your mind to it, you can eventually train your dog to litter only in the box. Begin with buying a litter box and then placing it in an area that is easily accessible for the pet. Experts say that the next step is to soak a newspaper in your dog’s urine and place it in the litter box (the smell of urine tempts the pet to urinate in the litter box). Lastly, try to just get the dog in the box several times a day. If you pet does urinate outside the box, act as if you are shocked. Furthermore, it’s a fact that getting your dog litter box trained can be tough but if you follow these steps you’ll soon notice a change in your dog’s habits!

Instructing your Dog to Refrain from Running Away
It’s just as simple as it sounds, if you don’t want to lose your dog it’s important that you instruct him to not run away. Begin by blowing a whistle and rewarding your pet every time he reacts to the sound. Let your dog loose in a big but compound area and then allow him to run away as far as he can go while still being able to hear the sound of your whistle. The next step is to whistle and if and when your dog comes back reward him with a treat. Once your pet becomes good at this, make sure to test him by distracting him several times.

Teaching your Dog to Avoid Jumping on the Bed
At first you may it adorable to find your dog jumping on your bed, but soon enough that cuteness will wear off and you’re going to want him off your bed! The number one reason why it is mandatory to stop your dog from jumping on the bed is because it can be dangerous for the pet as well as for you and the rest of the family. According to Karen Peek, a dog training specialist, you must use the “OFF” method to train your dog to avoid jumping on the bed. This method involves yelling “OFF” every time your pet dog gets on top of the bed and make sure that he gets off the bed. If you use this method often your pet will learn that jumping on the bed isn’t going to be rewarding and therefore he should refrain from it.

Along with love and affection comes a sense of responsibility when you have a pet dog. It is mandatory that you teach your pet dog certain tricks while knowing the importance of them. These tricks include, teaching a dog to avoid barking, training it to walk to a leach, coaching them to litter properly, instructing your pet to refrain from running away and teaching them to avoid jumping on the bed. Once you have taught your pet these tricks you will realize that you have made your life a thousand times easier!

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