What Are The Basics Of Dog Training?

Bringing a new member of the family home for the first time is a momentous occasion. The fact that this new member of the family is four-legged and covered fur in no way lessens the excitement. Our dogs are much more than just pets; they are a sounding board for our problems, faithful companion, and friends when we need them most. They bring joy and happiness into our lives and ask so little in return. Of course, that is not to say that pet ownership is without its share of problems and frustrations. Whether a person has a brand-new puppy or dog has been with them for years, many pet owners find themselves throwing their hands up in the air and giving up on the idea of training their dog.

Don’t Ignore Problems

When a dog is misbehaving, whether they are showing aggression or chewing on things that do not belong to them, one of the worst things that an owner can do is ignore the issue and simply allow the dog to continue with their bad behavior. Getting angry, cruel, or even abusive is not the answer either. The key to stopping this type of activity is to firmly yet gently correct the dog and redirect their behavior towards something more productive.

Learn How To Talk To Your Dog

We are probably all guilty of talking to our dog like he or she is another person. The fact that our dogs often seem to understand our words simply reinforces this habit. While there is nothing wrong with talking with a loyal pet, it is important to keep in mind that dogs don’t understand our words, they actually respond more to the tone of voice than anything. This means that it is incredibly important to avoid using the same tone of voice when training for disciplining a dog.

Avoid Common Mistakes

One of the most common mistakes that pet owners make involves how they discipline their dog when he or she misbehaves. It is incredibly important to avoid physical punishment or negative reinforcement. Consistency is also vital. This means not only correcting bad behavior in the same way every time but also rewarding a dog for good behavior as well. An owner should regularly exercise their dog in order to provide them with an outlet for pent-up energy rather than allowing it to turn into aggression or frustration.

One of the best ways to get started with dog training is to put a high-quality dog training program to use. Getting advice from experts who have experience with a variety of common problems can be incredibly helpful.

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