How to help a constipated dog

Constipation is not the sole concern of humans as dogs get constipated too. The straining hunched up dog can huff and puff continuously without being able to shout SUCCESS!. The pet’s inability to defecate will be the owners concern too. The pet that was unable to pass stool will be very uncomfortable and may even experience stomach ache. Aside from the need to repeatedly bring the dog outside, no owner would want to see the pet weighed down with any problem even one as simple as constipation. Constipation can be remedied easily. Inability to defecate is a common concern.

The constipated dog would usually be able to pass stool after a day. Dogs that get constipated will be troubled by the same concern again and again thus it would be necessary for the dog owner to avoid the concerns that lead to the constipation of the pet. Constipation can be associated with the slowing down of the system of older people and as dogs are very similar to the genetics of humans, the dog’s constipation can be caused by this concern too. The dog’ indiscriminate eating habits can be the reason for the constipation as the inedible object ingested may be creating a blockage.

The feces may be blocked by the dried up feces that makes the long hair on the anal area well matted. Constipation in this case can be easily remedied by clipping the hair around the anal area. Diet would have a great bearing on the dog’s defecation. Ideally, a dog’s diet should have about 13% fiber but inexpensive poor quality commercial food does not meet this requirement so that the dog will be constipated. Add canned pumpkin or bran to the food of the pet to supplement the fiber deficiency of the diet. The stool will be softened by adding about a tablespoon of mineral oil to the dog’s food.

One of the common reasons why the dog gets constipated is low water intake. Dogs love to eat but a lot of these animals don’t love to drink water . Place bowls of water in several areas around the house to encourage the dog to drink. Dogs that are not given opportunities to exercise gets chronically constipated. A brisk walk or a good run will stimulate the dog’s urge to defecate.

Dog would not want to defecate in their crate or in the area where they sleep. If the owner forgets to let the dog out, the dog will take a rain check to doing its business. Stool will become harder if it is not excreted. The pet must be provided with regular potty time. Install a doggy door to allow the pet to go out anytime it wants to.

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