Dog lovers would urge their friends to get a dog for a pet. Dogs are wonderful companions but ownership would entail a big responsibility. Dogs are indiscriminate eaters, very inquisitive and known to have an energetic nature. Due to these characteristic, it is not uncommon for dogs to be in dangerous situations and to sustain injuries. Dealing with an injured dog is part and parcel of dog ownership.

Accidents cannot be totally prevented. Do you know what must be done to a dog that has ingested chocolates or has fallen off the stairs? Because of high prey drive, dogs would not pass up the chance to chase cats. What would you do if the pet had a serious injury because of this habit? Dog owners would have to deal with similar situations one time or another. Needless to say, a fair amount of first aid knowledge would be very useful. Veterinary care would certainly be needed but the dog owner’s first aid know how can save the life of the pet.

First aid for dogs is aimed to save the pet from a lot of pain, to prevent the pet’s condition for worsening and most importantly to save the life of the pet. Unfortunately, not many dog owners would know how to administer first aid to the pet. Bleeding is a sign that the dog has injuries. Not many dog owners are on familiar terms with signs of poisoning, shock and other ailments that would need first aid.

The first thing a pet owner has to do is to stay calm. Seeing the injured pet, the owner’s first thought is to rush to the vet’s. This decision though can cost the owner the dog’s life. A dog owner’s presence of mind and first aid know how could have save the pet’s life. With essential first aid supplies, a fair amount of knowledge and skills and a lot of common sense, a dog owner can hurdle any emergency. A dog owner has to have presence of mind to fully examine the pet and to recognize the symptoms being shown. Even the gentlest pet can turn aggressive when in pain. The airways must be checked. The movement of the chest should be visible and there should be breathing sounds. Any bleeding must be controlled by applying bandage or towels over the wound.

A dog owner has to be able to administer first aid treatments as these emergency situations involving the pet cannot be prevented. First aid for pets would not be too different from first aid for humans. Knowing what must be done would give the pet greater chance to survive.

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