Dogs are not only named as man’s best friends because of their sweet and loyal nature but also because being a true friend, dogs are seen in all the places man is seen. In spite of this fact, statistics tell us that about 5 million Americans suffer from dog bites every year. Some dog bite injuries can be treated at home; others would need medical attention and some serious dog bites results to the death of the victim.

Dog domestication was achieved by man for thousands of years. The bond these animals form with humans is legendary. Dogs will always be protective of their young and anything they consider as theirs because of their territorial nature. Dogs are hunters by nature and when these animals are provoked, the aggressive behavior will surface. More often than not, aggressive dogs will bite. There are some instances when a dog bites during playtime. In spite of the close ties, humans are bitten by their own dogs.

After a biting incident, the dog can attack again thus it would be necessary to get the victim away from the dog. Dog bites can get seriously infected due to the bacteria present in the dog’s saliva thus the bite wound must be properly treated. Vaccination status of stray dogs are unknown thus it is imperative for a person bitten by a stray to receive medical attention. Rabies treatment is painful and costly but it is very necessary for people bitten by stray dogs.

First aid treatment must always be given to a dog bite victim. Profuse bleeding can be stopped by applying direct pressure on the wound. After the bleeding is stopped, the wound must be thoroughly washed with soap and water. Allow the water to run through the wound for several minutes to remove bacteria and prevent infection. Pat the bitten area dry and apply antibiotic.

It is necessary to report a biting incident to the authorities. Reporting the incident is particularly necessary if the dog is a stray as it has to be captured to prevent it from biting other people and more importantly, the stray has to be observed for signs of rabies. A biting incident that is caused by an owned dog must be reported to the authorities as well because the victim has to be indemnified. The dog bite victim has to be indemnified not only for all the medical bills but also for the pain suffered and for the loss of earnings.

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