Reasons Behind A Dog’s Chewing Behaviour

All dogs are known to bark, to dig, to roll in mud, to scratch and to chew. Owners really do love their dog. It would not be surprising given the significant influence these animals made on the quality of humans lives. However, it cannot be denied that some of the unwanted behaviors of the pet would make an owner want to leave the pet to a rescue center. A dog’s chewing habit that has become destructive would naturally be a cause for concern. No pet owner would want to constantly replace the things destroyed by the dog’s indiscriminate chewing habit.

Chewing is a natural behavior of dogs. Puppies at the age of three months would be noticed trying the strength of their gums and teeth . In the absence of hands, puppies use their mouth and teeth to investigate their surroundings . Chewing things is the only way by which puppies satisfy their curiosity about their new world . A puppy’s inclination to chew gets stronger when it starts to teeth. A teether would strengthen the gums and ease a baby’s teething pains. Puppies would manage their own teething pains by gnawing the brand new rug or the leg of antique furniture. Destructive chewing can have other consequences. A life threatening blockage can be an outcome of the dog’s indiscriminate chewing habit. Indiscriminate chewing in puppies can be managed easily by providing the confined pet with safe chew toys. Generally, puppies outgrow the tendency to chew excessively.

A well behave dog that has unexpectedly developed an excessive chewing habit would naturally concern a pet owner. The dog’s unwanted behavior can be due to an underlying reason. The dog’s destructive chewing behavior can be triggered by boredom, loneliness or inactivity. Knowing why dogs chew is only the first step. You must also know what to do when it chews. Dogs are social animals. A cat can satisfactorily exist lying around and being idle all day but not a dog. Being a social animal, a dog would need a member of its human family or another dog to play with. In spite the famed canine intelligence, dogs are expected not too know the value things. A dog pining for its master would be enticed by the shoe that has the master’s scent. A dog has to have outlets for the pent up energies. A dog that is cooped inside the house with no toys or no playmate would find its own entertainment.

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