Dogs make wonderful pets aside from being wonderful companions that double up as protectors, these pets can be the family’s four legged clowns as well. A dog in the family will certainly draw out laughter as these animals have the tendency to entertain the family with its comic antics. These silly pets would chase their very own tail, sleep like an upended table or cock the head as if wearing a hundred pounder earring. Turning around several times before lying down is another of the comical habits of the pet.

A dog that turns several times before lying down is an amusing sight but dog owners will be puzzled at the odd behavior of the pet. Every time the dog lies down whether inside the home or outdoors it will do its ritual of turning several times. Dog wise people believed that this is a genetic trait as this behavior was manifested by dogs that lived in the wild. Unlike today’s dogs that have comfortable beds, their ancestors have to make do with trampled snow, grasses or the hard ground for a bed. Dogs in the wild have no choice but to sleep in areas open to the elements.

Dogs are intelligent creatures as they have a way of making the sleeping area not only more comfortable but free from snakes or from dangerous insects too. Dogs will be seen circling the sleeping area several times purportedly to flatten grass and snow and to drive away snakes and poisonous insects. Being pack oriented, dogs will be seen living and hunting with the pack.

Wilderness is vast but dogs have to choose a place that is relatively sheltered from the elements and from predators as well. An ideal area may be rather small to comfortably accommodate the pack. A dog that circles the chosen sleeping area is marking its territory. Once a spot is chosen, a dog will circle several times to signal other pack members that the spot is taken.

Modern day dogs no longer need to make the bed comfortable. Dog owners provide comfortable beds for the pets. Pampered pets don’t have to ensure that the bed is free from dangerous animals as these dogs usually sleep with the master. Circling around before lying down to sleep is a deep-rooted habit that was handed down by primitive dogs to present day canines. Nothing much can be done to stop the dog from circling around before lying down as this is an ingrained habit.

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