Dogs are not only voracious animals, they are food motivated as well so that mealtimes can be the highlight of a dog’s daily life. Dogs that are left alone at home all day would eagerly wait for the arrival of the master as once the door opens, the bowl of kibble is not far behind. Dogs in the wild use up most if their time in finding food. As food is scarce, these dogs would have to consume every bit of the prey as it is not known when the next meal would be. Dogs are mainly carnivorous but these adaptable animals can eat anything when prey is not available. Roots, fruits, berries and leaves become the dog’s diet when no prey is found.

Todays dogs don’t have to hunt to eat. Dogs never go hungry as they are regularly provided with nutritious food by their owners. The habit of dogs to eat non-food items has continuously puzzled owners. Well fed dogs would still add rocks, twigs, cloths and even poop to their menu. A dog’s tendency to eat leaves would be much better than eating poop and rotting animals.

Dogs that eat leaves are believed to be correcting a dietary imbalance. Dogs are noted to have a high level of intelligence, these animals also have the ability to know if something is amiss with their system. A dog’s habit of eating leaves is attributed to the need to fill up a nutrient deficiency that would result if an owner provides the dog with cheaper but low quality food.

Because of a big appetite, dogs would eat almost anything. Dogs have a curious nature. Dogs would investigate things with their mouth thus they get to swallow foreign and non-food items. Apart from this, dogs also have the inclination to eat spoiled food. Would it be surprising if the dog would have an upset stomach? Fortunately, nature has given our canine friends ability to self medicate. Every time dogs have ingested foreign objects and toxic substances, they only need to eat leaves or grasses and the contents of the stomach not accepted by the dog’s system will be vomited. Dogs wanting to attract attention would eat leaves. Dogs that eat leaves of prized plants will surely be reprimanded by the owners. Reprimands though and even punishment would be better than being ignored.

The habit to eat leaves is not really dangerous as long as what was eaten are not poisonous. For the well being of the pet, the leaves eating habit must be stopped.

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