Why Do Dogs Love To Eat Paper

The habit of eating paper is another of the less acceptable habits of dogs. Why do dogs love eating paper? We know about the legendary scenting abilities as well as the voracious appetites of our furry friends. Because of these qualities, papers with traces of food will be very interesting to a dog.

The attention grabbing smell of hamburger wrappers and pizza boxes will never be ignored by the dog. What about a book, a newspaper or a toilet paper? OMG! Dogs really do have the propensity to develop weird behaviors. Dogs are very curious animals and the sound of tearing paper would be very interesting to these animals. A pet owner cannot be blamed for relegating the dog to the kennel outdoors if the pet has decided to have for breakfast the report the master has been working on the whole night.

What do you think would a dog that is left alone all day do? No toys and no one to play with will result to a bored dog and a bored can be equated to destruction. Newspapers, books, toilet paper, the telephone books or anything lying around will become interesting”toys” for the dog. Chewing is a natural behavior of dogs and the texture of the paper ? not too hard and not too soft, as well as the exciting tearing sound would certainly be very exciting for a bored dog. Chewing paper is most common in puppies. Eating paper and other things will be noticed in teething puppies as chewing is believed to soothe sore gums.

The paper eating habit of the dog can be a symptom of a medical problem. The habit of eating papers is usually associated to the behavioral problems of the dog. However, the unacceptable behavior of eating papers may not be caused by the dog’s behavioral problems rather it can be an indication that the dog has anemia or gastro intestinal disorder. A dog may eat papers in an effort to deal with the malabsorptive and maldigestive disorders.

This habit can endanger the life of the pet. Hopefully the papers that have entered through the dog’s mouth would have exited through the other end. A dog that was not able to excrete the eaten papers would be a serious concern as surgery will be necessary to save the life of the pet and needless to say, the dog owner will have to foot the large surgical bills.

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