Breeding process of canines

Have you witnessed dogs mating? These animals are not very particular where they will do the sexual act. These animals will be seen mating anywhere – on the streets, on the beach and in the park. The distinct smell that is emitted by a bitch in heat serves as a kind of advertisement that announces her availability to male dogs.

Thus, a bitch in heat will be tailed by very eager male dogs. A bitch that allows her vulva to be sniffed and licked by a male dog is a cue that she is ready to be mated. When one is chosen, no time will be wasted – Lady will give Rover the signal to mount. To show that she is receptive to the attention of the male dog, the bitch will hold the tail to one side to clear the entry of the dog’s member. Unlike females, male dogs would always be ready to mate. A male dog can only entice a bitch to mate if she is in the estrus stage.

If the bitch is ready to be bred she will allow the male to mount her from behind. The bitch will give the male easy entry by holding the tail to one side. The male will mount and penetrate the vulva with the male member. Human’s member have to be erect to achieve penetration. This is not so with dogs as even if the member is not stiff it can penetrate the bitch’s vulva. Penetration is achieved because a small bone inside the member called baculum makes the member stiff. The erectile tissues of the member will be filled with blood after penetration is achieved. Due to the swelling of these bulbus glandis tissues the member will be trapped inside the vulva . This would result to the mating tie.

The male dog will swing the legs over the other so that they will be facing opposite directions while staying connected at the rear ends. This position is one of the amazing works of nature that make sure that the breeding will be productive. The dogs will remain tied for about 30 minutes and will only be able to disengage after the dog has fully ejaculated. Being stuck together will ensure that the sperm will be delivered into the canal. The distinctive smell emitted by a bitch in heat is not unlike a flyer that advertises her availability.

By being stuck together while mating, the dogs will ensure that the copulation will not be interrupted by the other dogs that surround the bitch.

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