Why Is A Dog’s Nose Cold?

Dogs are renowned for having an ultra sensitive scenting ability. Undoubtedly, the nose have played a very significant role in a dog’s survival in the wild. The ability to smell has a large bearing on the survival skills of dogs. Dogs that have survived in the wild have greatly depended on the nose to hunt and more importantly to avoid their predators. The ultra sensitive smelling ability of the dog is one of the reasons why these animals are highly valued . Present day dogs that are kept mainly as pets may not have much use for their scenting ability but the nose is still a valuable asset of dogs working for a living.

Dogs are versatile thus these animals have performed various tasks aside from being pets. The excellent scenting abilities are valuable assets of dogs utilized to herd and to detect bombs and narcotics. Due to the excellent scenting ability, dogs have saved lots of lives as rescue dogs. In recent years, the dog’s nose is proven to have the ability to detect some types of cancer. Dogs are really amazing animals not only because of their loyalty and affection to man but also because of their excellent scenting abilities

Dogs are noted to have wet and cold noses. Because it is highly probable that dogs are the only animals with cold noses, dog wise people have attributed the excellent scenting ability to the cold nose. The extra moisture that makes the nose cold is considered as the reason for the dog’s excellent scenting abilities.

Dogs like humans, would have cold noses too when the weather is cold We know how active and curious dogs are. Apart from having the tendency to wander, dogs sniff a lot too to investigate the surroundings. Dogs have the inclination to sniff the ground so that the moisture from the grasses will be picked up by the nose. Licking is a normal behavior of dog. Dogs will lick anything interesting but as these animals are food motivated, the nose will be licked after a meal to eat any bits of food.

Continuous licking will make the nose cold as the wetness of the tongue will be transferred to the nose. The cold nose aids in regulating the body temperature of dogs. Because of the limited number of pores, dogs do not have an efficient cooling system. Dogs can only cool off the body by panting. The special gland in a dog’s nose that secretes fluids keeps the nose moist and cold and aids in the cooling down of the body.

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