Dogs are really lucky pet as most owners show their affection by kissing the pet. Why then do many dog owners overlook the need to clean the dog’s teeth? Dog owners ensure that the pet is regularly groomed but taking care of the dog’s teeth is a task that is often forgotten. Dogs are indiscriminate eaters that would feast on feces and spoiled food whenever given a chance. To the consternation of owners; dogs have an unaccountable liking for toilet bowl water too. Gross! It is certainly yucky to smell the disgusting breath of the dog.

Apparently, healthy dogs are pets that eat the right amount of nutritious food. This is the reason why dogs must have healthy teeth as unlike toothless humans that depend on dentures, a toothless dog’s eating ability will be impaired. Imagine how hard it would be for toothless dogs to eat. Strong sharp teeth are one of the dog’s most useful asset used in hunting prey. Dog nowadays don’t have to hunt to eat as bowls of food are regularly provided by the owners. Nevertheless, healthy teeth would still be needed to eat the food easily.

A dog’s teeth must be brushed to ensure oral hygiene. Poor dental hygiene that result to plaque and tartar build up, tooth and gum problems as well as other periodontal diseases can affect the quality of the dog’s life. As mentioned, dogs have the unexplainable at least to us humans habit of eating rotting animals, spoiled food and feces. With the dog’s unhygienic eating habits it is for certain that dog have lots of germs in their mouth.

Apart from giving the dog an abhorrent breath, the dirt and the germs that were not removed will be health hazards that can cause gum problems and the deterioration of the teeth. Infections from these dental concerns can worsen and spread throughout the dog’s body. For instance, the infection from a gum disease can result to the development of a heart ailment.

A dental care routine is best started while the dog is still a puppy. Specially designed toothbrushes must be used. Toothpaste formulated for dogs must be used as well. These flavored pet toothpastes are appealing to dogs and would make the task easier as it can be used as a lure to entice the dog allow the brushing. Brushing the dog’s teeth once or two times a week would be enough to maintain the dog’s oral hygiene. Taking the pet to the vet’s once in a while to be professionally brushed would be a good idea.

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