Why Do Dogs Sleep At Your Feet?

Certainly there are reasons why dogs are dubbed as man’s best friends. These animals have provided man with immeasurable affection; companionship and empathy. Time and time again dogs have proven the love and loyalty they have for their human friends. Dogs are one of the most loved pets and dog owners make sure that the pet is not only provided with enough food but also with all the things that will make its life comfortable. You know that whatever care you gave the pet will be returned many times over.

Dogs have always shown affection and loyalty and have always been protective of their human friends. You are probably aware that the pet will withstand any discomfort just to be near you. Look how your dog would grab any chance to sleep at your feet. We are aware of the fact that dogs are good sleepers. Notice how your dog would grab any chance to have a shut eye. Humans that love to sleep would make use of their comfortable beds to have a good rest. This is not so with dogs. Affection over comfort – your dog would prefer to sleep in your feet even if it means waking up every time you move.

Being affectionate animals, dogs would always want to be with the human family. Dogs are in fact dubbed as Velcro pets as they would want to be as close to the master as possible. You have probably noticed your pet’s rather funny habit of leaning on your legs and of stealthily creeping to gain a place in your lap.

Sleeping at the master’s feet cannot be a very comfortable position. A dog would not mind the disrupted sleep, the sore muscles and the cricks on the neck as long as it can be close to its favorite person. Dogs are very protective of its people and the habit of sleeping on the master’s feet can be the dog’s way of ensuring that the master will always be protected. This habit can also mean that the dog is being submissive. Dogs would need to know their rank in the pack. Sleeping at the master’s feet means that the dog is being submissive.

This quaint behavior will do neither the dog nor the master any harm aside from the discomfort that the dog owner will feel from the weight of the dog. Dog owners would normally let the dog sleep at their feet but what if the dog is a giant breed – would you have the heart to disturb the sleeping pet?

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