Why Do Dogs Vomit?

Dealing with a vomiting dog comes with the territory of having a dog for a pet. The expulsion of food from the dog’s stomach can be due to a variety of reasons. Dogs, like humans vomit if they have eaten something that is not accepted by the stomach. It is not surprising for a dog to have an upset stomach because this voracious eater would eat anything from spoiled food to inedible objects.

Nature is truly amazing as it has given dogs a way by which it can remove unwanted things from its stomach. A dog simply needs to eat grass and after a while the bile and the unwanted contents of the stomach such pieces of plastic, cloth, stones or pieces of wood will be chucked out by the pet. Dogs that drink and eat too quickly or have consumed too much food will vomit. The vomiting can be the result of the new dog food. Some dog owners are not aware that the dog’s vomiting bout is caused by stress.

This situation can occur if a new pet will be taken to a home with other pet dogs. A nervous and highly stressed dog would vomit if suddenly introduced to a household that has large and dominant pet dogs. This kind of vomiting can be a passing inconvenience and normally does not need any treatment. The vomiting will usually disappear after a while and the dog will be its usual energetic self. Owners of normally healthy dogs don’t really take the occasional vomiting of the pet seriously. Occasional vomiting bouts can be managed at home. You simply need to withhold food for 24 hour to give the dog’s stomach the chance to settle down.

However, a dog’s vomiting may not be due to dietary indiscretion. Vomiting is not considered a disease in itself but an indication of an underlying illness. It is necessary for a dog owner to carefully observe the condition of the vomiting dog.

A dog owner should be concerned if the pet that is vomiting repeatedly also has diarrhea, is lethargic and has developed a temperature. The vomiting of the dog may be caused by a poisonous substance that was ingested by the pet. Repeated vomiting is one of the symptoms of internal parasite infestation and infectious diseases. A blood tinged vomit can be an indication of an intestinal obstruction, stomach ulcers or kidney problem or pancreatitis. A do that has been vomiting for 24 hours must be taken to a veterinary facility at once as proper management is necessary to save the life of the pet.

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