Reasons Why A Dog Wags Its Tail

Should you or should you not dock the tail of a dog? Some breeds like the Doberman Pinchers, German Short Haired Pointer, Rottweiler have docked tails. Tail docking is commonly done in accordance with a kennel club standard. Tails of working dogs are usually docked to prevent possible injuries. In all probability, a dog owner that knows the reason why the dog wags its tail would choose not to cut the tail of the pet. Do you know the reasons why dogs wag their tails?

Many animals have tails but only dogs are known to have the inclination to wag the tail. Dogs use the tail in many ways. A well feathered tail is an asset that gets the dog lots of attention. The tail though is a very important appendage for a dog. Retrievers use the tail as a rudder to make swimming easier and working dogs that need to negotiate cliffs and sharp curves use the tail as a balancing tool. The most important function of a tail is as an effective communication tool.

Dogs cannot speak but they have a way of making humans understand what they want to convey through the use of body language. Dogs can convey their intentions and make humans understand what they feel by using the movements of the eyes, the ears as well as the wagging of the tail .

Smiles and handshakes are for humans while tail wagging is for dogs. A simple smile allows a person to gain friends. Dogs are acclaimed for being very friendly animals. The wagging tail of the dog is a sign that it is not vicious thus people will be enticed to get friendly. A dog simply needs to happily wag the tail to gain friends. An observant owner will be able to understand what the pet is feeling.

Fast wagging is indicative of excitement. The pet is possibly anticipating play time or a treat from the master. Being social animals, dog would thrive in an environment with a well defined hierarchy. Tail wagging specifies the dog’s rank in the pack. A dominant dog will hold the tail high and wag it stiffly. Lower ranked dogs wag tails that hare held lower slowly. Aside from the mentioned uses of tail wagging; this canine habit is also done for identification. By wagging the tail, a dog releases its distinct odor. The pheromones that are released when the tail is wagged determines the identity of the dog.

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