The doggy variation of a cat litter box is called an indoor dog potty.

Some of them are very basic, just a plastic box filled with dog litter. Some could win a design award and fit right in with your furniture. Others have fake (or real) grass. Some even come with a personal fake fire hydrant.
What kind of an indoor dog toilet you buy is really up to you. What you like and how much money you’re willing to spend on it.

The training method is pretty much the same as with paper training. Choose a spot away from the dog’s sleeping and eating area. Put your puppy on the indoor dog potty when you notice he has to go. Wait until he did his business and praise him like there’s no tomorrow.

The Wizdog indoor dog potty is basically a durable plastic tray fitted with a grate. The size was specifically designed to fit most daily newspapers. You don’t have to use newspapers though… I mean, you may read the newspaper online like I do…putting your laptop in the Wizdog would turn out to be quite expensive (not to mention laptops don’t absorb urine all that well). So you’ll be glad to know you can use it with pee pads or litter. Or you can just leave it empty, the tray is high enough so nothing will spill over the sides.

The beauty of this design is that the paper/litter/pee pads stay under the grate. Out of reach of your dogs shredding teeth. Even if your pooch isn’t a shredder, that grate has another great benefit. As the liquids flow through it, your doggies paws stay clean. No more dirty paw tracks all over your floor, furniture and (I hate this one) clothes.

Solid waste stays on top of the grate. Which can be easily flipped over the toilet. Now, if your dog’s solid waste isn’t all that solid, it can be a bit difficult to clean. If you have a garden, you can just hose it down outside.

Although the Wizdog indoor dog toilet is designed for smaller dogs, if you have a dog that weighs over 40lbs, you can simpley buy two of them and combine them.

What others are saying about the Wizdog indoor dog potty:

“I have two Australian Terriers who sometimes don’t want to go out in the rain (neither do I) … Wizdog is a Godsend.”
–Susan M., Fort Walton Beach, FL

“The veterinarian said I should keep my puppy indoors for the first 6 months until her vaccination schedule was completed. I don?t know how I would have done it without Wizdog! Thank you.”
–Anna B. Paris, France

“My puppy used to shred the newspapers and training pads. With Wizdog, the newspapers stay under the grate and he can?t reach them. Problem solved. Thank you.”
–Matthew M. Los Angeles, CA

“WONDERFUL product, my girls used it with no problem and I have Dachsies, THANKS!”
–Nancy H., N. Kingstown, RI

“Wow! what a sensational product! I am absolutely thrilled with Spot’s new Wizdog! The first time he went right to it and did his business. Cleanup is a breeze. Spot and I thank you for such an innovative product!!!”
–Aziza P., Toledo, OH

“I purchased the Wizdog for my eight-week-old Shih Tzu puppy. I was getting tired of mopping my floors. It only took her one time before she figured it out. This product is wonderful. I just love how clean it keeps my house and how easy it is for my puppy. I am a very satisfied customer.”
–Shantel Marie, Tucson, AZ

“I received my Wizdog and cannot tell you how pleased “Lucy” (my 4 month old Yorkie pup) and I are. She has clean feet and I have a clean floor. She took to it immediately. I was amazed!! Thanks. Great invention!”
–Carol P., Norwalk, CT

“What a great idea!! I am a bully breeder and Wizdog is just remarkable. Thanks.”
–Liz C., Ontario, Canada

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